Extensive pre-hospital knowledge on potential injuries, management, camp, intervention, high-level risk mitigation and safe control of clients through isolated environments. Our elected leaders can identify environmental risks to adventure travel, including weather conditions, local fauna and fauna dangers, and geological hazards. They have extensive knowledge in casualty extrication using land, sea, and air assets with an ability to provide an advanced SITREP enabling retrieval/emergency services to triage a response. We also ensure they can construct an advanced first aid/survival pack tailored to the intended environment. All our leaders have extensive knowledge of injury management and interventions from both pre-hospital and inter-hospital management. Additionally, they have exceptional communication skills, with the ability to utilise the varied use of communication devices, ranging from computer skills, SAT phones, UHF lamp; VHF devices, EPIRBs and other signal devices obtained from many years of use. Moreover, our leaders will have extensive knowledge of clients medical needs enabling pre-empting of possible deterioration or health risks to clients. They have extensive experience of logistical requirements for each adventure and ability to implement required safety precautions and the ability to work seamlessly in a group/team environment, identifying both team members strengths and weaknesses.



John Lewis has 18+ years as an RN in emergency/critical care including remote area settings. He also did two years as a Life Flight helicopter crew member, 11 years as a Retrieval Services Nurse coordinating aeromedical retrievals and providing advice for remote area trauma management and recovery, ten years as an adventure medic for remote adventure trekking including Kokoda track PNG, multiple treks throughout Australia. John also did 7 years as an off-road adventure motorcycle medic including Australian off-road championship Fink desert race 4WD and motocross competitors, and various other adventures throughout Australia, 7 years as coordinator for pre-hospital mass casualty exercises involving QLD Fire Services, QAS, and 7 years as Disaster Management and Mass Casualty Coordinator for the Royal Brisbane Hospital. John is a member of the AUSMAT (Australian Medical Assistance Team) overseas deployment team, and he was previously deployed to Christchurch Earthquakes Disaster. Additionally, he did 11 years providing education on pre-hospital injury and trauma management to rural facilities, doctors and nurses and maintained annual competency in BLS (essential life support) ALS (advanced life support) PLS (paediatric life support) and NLS (neonatal life support).



Tony did 26+ years as an RN in acute and remote Hospital Settings. He has experience in multiple areas like 15 Years’ Experience in Critical care (ICU and Emergency), 5 Years’ experience as a Life-Flight crew member- Helicopter retrievals, and 4 Years’ experience as Trek Medic for Executive Excellence Events. He previously was a trek medic on Kokoda and has trekking Experience in Nepal, Kokoda, Canada and the U.S. Additionally, he had 10 Years Rock-climbing experience and maintained competence in BLS (essential life support), ALS (advanced life support) and Trauma care.



Tim is an Intensive Care Flight Paramedic currently working for CareFlight on a level one search and rescue helicopter based in Broome, Western Australia. Tim has worked for CareFlight and Medical Rescue on helicopters in Broome, Darwin and Katherine for the past four years and has also worked with the Queensland Ambulance Service for 11 years. Tim has spent 12 months working as a full-time academic and lecturer for Australian Catholic University in Brisbane as well as 3 years as a sessional academic and has also worked a number of roles as paramedic/ health and safety-related jobs in the resources sector including in coal, minerals and oil and gas as well as delivering community education and training. Tim has also been involved with expedition medicine work for the past five years, working as a trek medic in Papua New Guinea on the Kokoda trek for several expeditions as well as leading teams to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Mongolia. Tim completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) in 2009 when he graduated from Queensland University of Technology. Tim has also since completed studies in Aeromedical Retrieval and Intensive Care Paramedicine through James Cook University and Charles Sturt University respectively. He has also completed his Masters of Paramedicine through Australian Catholic University and is now studying medicine at the Oceanic University of Medicine in Apia, Samoa. Tim has published several papers in the Canadian Journal of Paramedicine.


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