​All items are mandatory

-    Backpack – 75+ litres [no smaller]; Waterproof Pack Cover

-    Sleeping Bag [Down Fill only with a minimum of 700 lofts to a comfort rating of -2 degrees or better] placed inside a waterproof dry bag or waterproof compression sack

-    Sleeping bag liner – Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor best

-    Sleeping Mat set in a waterproof dry bag [Inflatable Thermo-rest Brand the best]

-    Sleeping tent, lightweight 2.0Kilos-2.5Kilos, best to have an attached cover outside of the tent to place back-pack, rather than a wet pack in your tent.

-    1 x Lightweight Long Sleeved Shirt [for sun protection]

-    1 x Walking Shorts

-    1 x Lightweight walking trousers

-    3 x Long Sleeved Thermal Tops – mid to heavyweight [Merino Wool]

-    1 x Thermal Underwear [long legged made of merino wool] or track pants (sleeping)

-    1 x Down Jacket [long sleeve]

-    1 x each of lightweight and heavyweight Fleece Pullover (sleeping )

-    5 x Pairs of Socks

-    3 x Pairs of Underwear


For clothes we recommend the ­­­­­Layering System. The weather in Tasmania is varied and sometimes unpredictable. Below we have explained the layering system and its function. This system is how you will keep warm. The layering system consists of three layers, including:


Base Layer: regulates your body temperature and wicks away moisture from your skin. Best brands are any made from Merino Wool [not cotton items]. This item will wick moisture away from your skin and help regulate your body temperature. These products are also known as “thermals” or modern skins, you must have at least your chest and abdomen areas with a base layer.


Mid Layer: This layer traps the heat in. This item would be a fleece jacket, a down jacket or vest or soft-shell

Jacket. It would be advisable to have two garments, one being lighter weight for warmer days and one heavier for

colder days


Outer Layer: This layer would typically be your raincoat. Please select a good quality garment made of Gore-tex or similar material and preferably knee length. These fabrics are waterproof and breathable. This type of material lets your sweat vapour to pass through the fabric and prevents water vapour [rain] to get in



Wet Weather Gear; Waterproofing

-    Waterproof Jacket, raincoat with a hood. We recommend that your raincoat is knee length and that it is thoroughly waterproof and made of a Goretex material or similar

-    Waterproof Trousers

-    Gaiters [knee length preferred]

-    Dry Bags x 3 to put clothes in PLUS a full pack liner. Dry bags are waterproof bags [Sea to Summit brand best] to store your clothes, sleeping bag and mat in so that they don’t get wet.

-    Also, you will also need a pack liner [sizeable waterproof bag] that all the contents of your pack will fit into optional

-    A pack cover is a waterproof cover that fits entirely over the entire outside of your pack.



-    Walking Boots – Ankle High best and must be lace up. [leather boots are more durable than other materials]



-    Camp shoes – Crocks, runners or sandals, sandals are used for creek crossings



-    Sunhat with brim

-    Metal Plate/bowl/cup/ eating utensils

-    Beanie

-    Gloves – [please bring for all seasons]

-    Sunglasses


-    Head Torch; Spare Batteries

-    Camera

-    Drink Bottle 1.5Ltr and Camelback System [no less than 2 litres]



-    Toilet paper – in a waterproof zip lock bag

-    Toothbrush; Toothpaste

-    Wet Wipes for body wash [bring a travel size pack, not jumbo size]

-    Sunscreen and Lip Balm

-    Hand Sanitizer Gel

-    Lightweight Travel Towel [small]

-    Medications [make sure you have enough]

-    A few band-aids



-    Trekking Poles

NOT RECOMMENDED – Books, Electronics, Cotton or Denim Clothing


You will have to be prepared for ALL weather extremes. You will be walking at high altitudes. We strongly suggest that you take all of the items on the above list. Any questions, please call.



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