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Louise Cato is an experienced Sports Dietitian with over 8 years expertise. Louise has worked with elite athletes at the Australian Instituter of Sport (AIS) and even spent 2 years at the AIS base in Italy working to ensure Australian athletes had access to the nutrition and food services they needed. Louise also spent 2 years working as the Sports Dietitian for the Brisbane Lions AFL team, and more recently is practising at BodyPlan in Chermisde, which she focuses on body composition manipulation (including being a qualified DXEA technician) as well nutrition consulting.  Louise has a lot of experience with creating unique and unusual diets through her role with research and dietary standardisation at the AIS, and enjoys working with people to help them get the best out of their diet.


ELITE EXECUTIVE EVENTS and BodyPlan have teamed up to ensure that your full nutrition requirements are looked after during the South Coast hike. Nutrition an essential component of your preparation and can really make or break the hike! The wrong foods will leave you feeling sick, lethargic and slow, or carrying too much weight.  Some snack foods like Shapes or chips might seem like a good idea, but they’re actually quite heavy for the nutritional value they offer, plus they don’t travel well. The right diet needs to give you enough carbohydrates and energy from quality sources, without adding to the weight you need to carry.

Group food also has its own set of challenges – you often don’t save any weight and end up adding to the overall hassle. Individually planned meals mean you get exactly what you need, and only carry the food you need and like.

Louise has designed meal plans with the specific requirements of the South Coast Track considered. We look at the macronutrient and micronutrient distribution, practicality of meals on the trek, weight to be carried and of course taste! We consider things like making sure you get adequate protein for muscle recovery, including enough carbohydrate to fuel you and give you energy during the day, and including as much micronutrient variety as possible. The meal plans are equal to ~5kg in total, or about 600 g per day. Getting the meals this light is quite a feat, and will really make a difference to your hike.  


I’ve signed up for the hike. How do I get my nutrition plan?

The plan will be sent out to you after consulting with the dietitian. The purpose of this is to screen for any potential nutrition issues ahead of time, run through diet with you and give you a chance to ask questions. This can be done over the phone, and can be invaluable in preparing you for what to expect.

Because everyone has different requirements, there are 3 different levels of the meal plan. During the individual consult, Louise will go through the meal plan with you and direct you to the most suitable level.

Is there a GF/vegetarian/other dietary requirement version?

At this stage no. The meal plan can be personalised on request in a separate consult with Louise.

This diet doesn’t look very healthy. Why does it include things like 2 minute noodles?

Preparing meal plans for something unique as the South Coast Track really is an exciting challenge. The limitations include weight of food (and packaging), storage or lack thereof, and meeting nutrition requirements. This is not a diet we’d suggest you eat long term; it’s lacking in certain things like fresh fruit and veg that are simply impossible to carry. We also know that your carbohydrate requirements are much higher during the trek – the carbohydrates you get from rice or 2 minute noodles are very similar, the noodles are just a lot lighter! Similarly we’d never suggest salami in your usual diet at home, but out on the trek it’s a great source of protein, which is hard to come by, and also adds some extra energy without much extra weight. So yes there are some differences with an ‘optimal’ and long term diet, but at the end of the day the goal is to get you through the hike happy, healthy and well fed.

I can’t stand peanut butter/tuna/something else that’s included. Can I make swaps?

We certainly won’t stop you from making swaps, however if you do there’s no guarantee the meals will still be light and nutritious. You can discuss suitable alternatives during your phone consult with Louise.



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