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The coast of South West Tasmania is a trek that not many know about. However, do not let that fool you. This trek requires much training and should be taken very seriously. The track itself is tough and at times a dangerous path. You can expect full days of walking along difficult and muddy trails and sometimes through creeks.  The 85km South Coast Track runs between Melaleuca and Cockle Creek. There are no roads to Melaleuca, so walkers must either fly, boat or walk. We will do everything to ensure that you finish, but you need to help us help you. It is recommended that you go with experienced companies if you are attempting the South Coast, as you will be a long way from help should you need it. The Track is very hard walking, but with proper preparation, anyone with reasonable health and a strong will can complete it. The warmer months are from November to April, but you have to be prepared for cold winds, heavy storms or even snow at any time of year. Rain falls on average every second day during summer.


What value will you receive?

*To name a few

- Great value for money

- No compromises on safety

- Excellent knowledgeable guides 

Culture and people surrounding the area

We need to keep the bush as it is as we are not the only ones there in the present or the future. Preserving the natural beauty can be done by understanding and practice the principles of Leave No Trace bushwalking. The wilderness is beautiful, and you need to know how to keep it that way, so it is still picturesque for the next person and tour. There are seven principles to follow in the Leave No Trace trekking. These are:


1.    Plan and prepare

We cover this these aspects extremely professional to give the customer every chance of completing the track and enjoying one of the world’s most pristine areas. However, you still need to be prepared for all weather considerations and know the necessary information for the event to run smoothly.


2.    Travel and camp on durable surfaces

We will follow the paths that are outlined and camp on established campsites.


3.    Dispose of waste properly

If you pack it out, then you will need to pack it in. No rubbish is to be left on the trails, and all human waste will be dealt with appropriately.


4.    Leave what you find

If you find it in the wild, leave it in the wild. We want to ensure we preserve the past because that is what makes it unique and beautiful.


5.    Minimise campfire impacts

Fires are banned from this trek; huge fines are in place.


6.    Respect wildlife

There will be wildlife out on the trek. We are in their home, so we need to respect them that way. Observe the wildlife from a distance but do not try and pat or touch them.


7.    Be considerate of other visitors

As mentioned, we will not be the only ones in Tasmania, so we need to be mindful of them and respect their home as such.


Another important thing to survive in the wilderness is to be prepared. Be prepared and plan. While we offer top of the range safety and support, you need to bring your supplies and be knowledgeable about the area. 



Overnight Hobart Hotel accommodation

includes continental breakfast.

Please note Hotel offers complimentary airport transfers.


Travelodge Hotel Hobart Airport

Address: 1 Holyman Ave, Cambridge TAS 7170

Phone: (03) 6248 3555



1800 – crew briefing and pack inspection check -location hotel boardroom. Dinner is at your leisure.



Be ready to depart at 0745 in Hotel lobby for airport transfer for our Par Avion Flight at Cambridge aerodrome – Flight to Melaleuca, flight time just over 1 hour. We will receive our pre-paid Tasmania National park passes on arrival at the terminal. Each person to carry one each. Please note that you can leave your bag at the Hotel in a secure location and collect when you arrive back from the South Coast. Upon arrival at Melaleuca airstrip, we are to receive 8 X 230gram pre-paid gas canisters for our cooking units. These cookers will be used for boiling water only.



Day 1: Melaleuca, walk to Point Eric which is a 12km walk

Day 2: Trek to Louisa River which is a 20km walk. This day is difficult, and you’ll need to up early (04:30 am)

Day 3: The Ironbound Range to Little Deadman's Bay which is a 11km. This day is challenging and you’ll need to up early (04:30 am)

Day 4: Walk to Osmiridium Beach camp which is a 15km walk

Day 5 : Rest day/or make day due to delays

Day 6: Walk to Granite Beach camp which is a 10km walk

Day 7: Over South Cape Range, camp South Cape Rivulet which is a 11km walk

Day 8: Walk to Cockle Creek which is a 12km walk



1200 – Bus transfer to Travelodge Hotel Hobart Airport – time is 2

hours. Overnight at Hotel includes continental breakfast.​



I have travelled all over Australia for work and adventure, yet Tasmania remained on my "to do" list with the box unchecked. The EEE South Coast Trek offered me an opportunity to visit Tasmania and to experience trekking in the wilderness for the first time. In the lead up to the trek, I needed to make many arrangements in order to go, and I wasn't entirely sure that all the pieces of the puzzle would come together. Despite the many hoops I had to jump through, I firmly believed this would be a trip of a lifetime, and the effort would be worth it. 


As it turns out, I was right.


The trek was more than I expected. More in every way. Tougher, colder, wetter, more beautiful, more tiring. The pack was heavy, the water tasted like heaven. The sunsets and sunrises were a spectacular sight to behold and the ocean water looked like liquid mercury rolling along the sands in the early morning. Rivers of pristine water rushed over granite rocks and washed the mud off my boots while the dense bushes on either side of me grabbed at my pack as we tried to descend the mountain. I have so many of these rambling reflections rolling around in my mind that I could go on for pages.


But what struck me the most was the resilience, mental and physical toughness and continual acts of kindness demonstrated by my fellow trekkers. Those that I walked with and others who were unknown to me. The team pulled together time and time again. Sometimes to help each other over a river or to once again, lift that very heavy pack off the ground and up over your shoulders. But it was the psychological boost that mattered most.

As we walked I began to notice the little things about my teammates. Whether it was their energy in the morning, whistling or their knowledge about different aspects of the walk. All helped me be able to get to the finish line.


The personal lessons learned from this trek have stayed with me and I highly recommend this trek to anyone who is planning to explore Tasmania.




There is an upfront option of $3333



There is also an option to pay in three separate payments.

Deposit: $1333

Due 60 days before departure: $1000

Due 30 days before departure: $1000


EEE can manage private groups and selective dates, you will need to allow for 9 days which includes 2 nights pre and post accommodation, includes 8 days of trekking. Minimum group size is 4 participants includes advanced trek leader, maximum size groups 8 participants includes 2 advanced trek leaders. Email .

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